The story of relationship, love and romance


As we are on the eve of Valentine’s Day this subject matter cannot be avoided any longer 😊. When I chose the title for this article I thought of the progression of relationship to love and then from love to romance. For some people it can happen quickly, for others it is a slower process. I love to hear people’s stories of how their relationship first got started. Was it love at first sight? Or did the relationship begin in a more underwhelming way?

It is interesting that in many of the stories that I hear, lots of long strong and healthy relationships actually started with small seemingly insignificant interactions, friendships that grew from a small seed into a large tree that no stands the test of time. But today I want to share more of a "love at first sight" story. When a young man first laid eyes on an attractive young lady, who was obviously from out of town because he had not seen her before. He watched her from across the church hall while she stood and chatted with her cousin at the dance, and then mustering up all his courage he walks over to her and nervously asked her to save the last dance of the evening for him, which she did. It is the story that my 96-year-old uncle recounted at his wife’s (my aunt’s) 90th birthday and it was so adorable.

I had never heard that story before, I just loved it. It is strange that we find it hard to envisage the older generation in their youth, by my recollection they have always been "old", but if we will stop to listen we might just learn a thing or two about real love, romance and relationship.

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Happy Valentine’s Day