Table centrepiece flower arrangement


This is a recent creation for a breakfast function that required 15 flower centre piece table arrangements. I was so pleased with the end product I thought I should share some of the ingredients in the design and thought behind the creation.

The base, a 300x300 mirror purchased from Apack in Perth, is a great platform to work from, particularly for a function where an arrangement needs to have a low profile so as not to block conversation on the round tables. The reflective surface gives depth to the arrangement and the appearance that there are more flowers than actually were there, without being obtrusive in the limited space.

The vessel, a metal watering can purchased from Kmart in Joondalup, was a great alternative to a traditional vase while still providing the basic function of holding water. As a decorative piece the deep brassy colour sets off the flowers with great contrast and its long low profile supports the floral arrangement.

The flower selection of whites and greens included; Snapdragon, Chincherinchee, Snowball bush, Disbud Chrysanthemum, Calla lily, Ranunculus, Snottygobble, Pittostrum.

Even without florists foam in the vessel, the finished arrangement did transport from Joondalup to the city quite well, so there was minimal touch up to the flowers after delivery. It is however important to remember that the watering cans are functional. Caps were required to block the water spout during delivery, but could be removed once they were in place.

Hope you found this interesting, I regularly post my new flower designs on social media, particularly Instagram. You are welcome to follow #thinkingaboutyouperth.

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