Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? One that keep running over and over, chorus after chorus? In my head it is not just words or lyrics, I have the keyboard, the guitar and the drums as well, the whole band. Seriously having a song in my head happens to me a lot, in fact I have Coldplay singing Strawberry Swing right now. I love the line "without you its a waste of time" of course it is much better that I do not take action and vocalize the words because as a singer I make a great florist, if you know what I mean 😆 The song Strawberry Swing reminds me of a relationship of love, regardless if "blue skies" or "grey", "without you its a waste of time".

Have you ever stopped to think about how relationships are the most important aspect of life? It's true, and taking actions to build your relationships, repair a relationship or to start a new relationship is the most important endeavour of your life. Forget about the car, the boat, the house or other temporal things, it is relationships that count most in life.

What I have come to learn is that encouragement, sympathy and celebration are all just variations of "I love you" and "I value our relationship" and they are important messages to send. This is fundamentally why I love me job so much. "Thinking about you" is more than a Florist, "Thinking about you" is the message that we carry in every bouquet, in every flower arrangement, in every hamper and in every delivery. I get to tell people they are missed, they are appreciated, they are loved, and that builds relationships. Incredibly, I get to do it every day! Seriously, unless I became Cupid, it doesn't get much better than that!

Thinking about you, Florist Joondalup, enabling people to build relationships. Click here to view our range or call Cupid, I mean Sandy on 0410425760