It’s a wrap for Valentines Day

Sandy Hinchliffe   >  15 February 2019

And Valentines Day passes again for another year and what an event it was. Forgetting about the lack of sleep, the skipped meals, and the aches and pains. Not thinking of the cuts, the scratches and the fatigue. Oh did I say we were tired :)



Well all that pales into insignificance when you hear wonderful stories from our delivery drivers of surprises, happiness and love blossoming. Nothing warms the heart more than seeing love, respect and honour communicated and knowing that you had a small part to play in that.

I have now concluded that flowers are one of the most powerful communication tools in a relationship and Valentines Day is the perfect platform to publicly declare your love.

Picture this, you work in an office, you feel like you know your colleagues, then Valentines Day comes around and one of the most unexpected unassuming people are blessed with flowers, “what just happened!” 

As the deliverer of these floristry delights I can tell you that the look on the colleagues faces when I hand over a bouquet says wow, this person is loved, this person is valued, this person has a life outside of work we know nothing about.

Romance is alive my friends! We florists know it!

Thinking about you is a florist in Joondalup and Wanneroo saying Perth is ok on Valentines Day (ok delirium has set in!)