I'm proud to be a florist!

proud to be a florist

I'm going to try hard not to write this article about Valentine's day, but as you know it is getting very close now and us die hard romantics are looking forward to the day.

But enough about that now.

Today I have been thinking about time, we only get so much of it. I like you and everyone else spend a lot of my time each day working. What I realised today is that work only becomes WORK when we get bogged down in the stuff that we have to do, rather than seeing the big picture that we are a part of.

As a florist my days are full! From early morning runs to the flower wholesalers, preparing orders, arranging deliveries, taking last minute requests, solving problems, and when I focus on these things before I know it the day is over and I still have to check what we need from the wholesalers tomorrow. 

But when I think about making beautiful bouquets, and delivering flowers to people who then feel loved because someone has been thinking about them...... well I'm proud to be a florist! 

I'm a florist, what's your superpower?

Super flowers

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