how i met your mother

Sandy Hinchliffe  

Life is as wonderful as the memories we create!


When our kids were growing up occasionally they would ask their Dad to tell stories of when he was a child. My husband is a bit of a story teller and he loved to see their faces light up with tales of his adventures as a boy on the family farm, or from his days in the army, or even a few stories about "how I met your mother!" The kids would listen and lap up each tale with wonder. 

When comes to his farm or army stories who knows if the events really happened that way but they were his memories, (perhaps his stories), but for the rest of it I have my memories as well.

When we were first dating my husband would occasionally buy me flowers, usually carnations, sometimes roses but carnations were perhaps more affordable on his army apprentice income, but my memory is not about how much he spent on flowers but that he gave flowers to me! Perhaps even better was that he would sometimes have them delivered to me at work. I felt loved! 32 years later it's still a great memory.

Life is as wonderful as the memories we create! 

Are you pursuing romance? or happiness? or success? Whatever it is, can I encourage you to create great memories along the way. Honestly, words are nice, however I can hardly remember what my now husband said but I do have memories of what he did. Make memorable moments.

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