How do you send a florist flowers?

6 red roses

I was asked recently if florists ever receive flowers? It’s a great question and one that I thought I just have to write about, the whole issue touches on love, loyalty and friendship, some of my favourite subjects 😉.

Think about it, if you were my friend and you want to give me a bouquet of flowers as a birthday surprise you would need to contact another florist and order them; then you might feel guilty because you used another florist rather than me; so rather than send flowers you do something else to avoid upsetting me by using another florist. Does that sound about right?

Hey, let me make it easy for you, if you have a friend who is a florist send them flowers, they will just love you for them.

My husband of course faces this dilemma but he has come up with a cunning way of dealing with the problem, sometimes he goes to my suppliers and buys wholesale and tells me to make myself something special, which is clever. However last week he asked me to make up a 6 red rose bouquet for a friend at work to give to his wife, a totally made up story to cover that fact that the flowers were for me 😊. It was a bit sneaky but a loveable act. I would not recommend him doing that at Valentine’s Day but I’ll take them however they come.

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