Encouragement and respect, lets have more of it

wide load.jpg

Image: Extra wide loads on the Great Northern Highway

In an earlier update "Celebrating the Journey" I described a little of my recent road trip through Western Australia. One aspect of driving on our nations roads that you cannot ignore is our dependency on the road transport or trucking industry. While none of the trucks I saw seemed to be carrying flowers, this florist was able to observe a valuable life lesson in heavy transport. Of course I must elaborate or you will think that I have gone completely batty.

As we left Joondalup on our journey north we found many trucks on the road, some towing one, two, three and even four trailers in a road train. Other trucks with wide loads, pilot vehicles and even police escorts to warn other road users. Some were very evidently carrying a heavy load while with others it was difficult to tell if the vehicle was loaded or not. Isn't this also true of people? Some peoples struggles are obvious while others are carrying burdens that we do not see. My realisation is that you cannot judge a book by its cover, outward appearance does not necessarily provide a great indicator of what is really going on inside. 

Just as the space around a long haul transport needs to be respected on the road regardless of the load it appears to be carrying, so too people deserve to be respected and encouraged for their individual and personal battles.

When filling an order of flowers or bouquets I generally have the advantage of knowing why loved ones have chosen to send flowers by the card message. So this florist has been in the position of knowing what sparks the emotion in the eyes of people receiving flowers, and it is those that are sent for the purpose of encouragement, an unexpected pick me up of love and respect that mean the most. While flowers are suitable for any occasion a simple message of "thinking about you" sent to someone in the middle of their trial is like a tonic to the soul. Let's have more of it!

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