"e" for inadequate

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The modern life is a busy life. Not always productive or effective, but there is seemingly always something going on in our personal world. Certainly I can attest that the pace of life has increased in this modern connected world. It is a world that seemingly makes our time more efficient but somehow it also seems to steal away any time gained in a greater portion. 

Technology that keeps us in contact with our friends but also demands or diverts our attention from the here and now. It is the same technology that causes me to ask if our ability to mark a special occasion is under threat?

I have often debated with my millennial children the positive aspects of a far less complicated yester year, when mail was spelt without an “e” and the speed, cost and available communication meant that it was somehow more meaningful to hear from someone. A time when to communicate that “I’m thinking about you” in the delivery of flowers, gifts or a handwritten letter took real effort and time, it was certainly an expression of love. 

In contrast the “e” way of doing things, a text message, an e-mail, a “selfie”, a snapchat, a tweet, an e-card, writing on someone’s timeline!!! None of these seem to adequately convey the “thinking about you” message. Don’t get me wrong, modern technology has made the world wonderfully smaller and communication easier and no doubt you will be reading this on a smartphone or computer via a social media channel or website, it all has its place; but compared with a handwritten note, a bouquet of flowers, a thoughtful hamper or gift, they certainly don’t stack up.

When a skilled florist or artisan crafts flowers into an arrangement, when a message, letter or card is handwritten on paper, when a gift delivery is received a moment of impact is created. Regardless of the occasion, when your friend, loved one or significant other first lays their eyes on the flowers or gift that says it all. A floral delivery to a hospital that welcomes a newborn baby, or sends a message of “get well soon” it actually has medicinal benefits to the recipient, so there is more to a gift of flowers than can be seen on the surface.

There is something about the physical gift that conveys our compassion, our feelings, our heart in a way that an e-message never will, but I guess that is why you are on our website anyway :)