Are you speaking my language?


The diversity of language in our society is an amazing thing. When I walk around Joondalup I hear different accents, I meet people with different backgrounds and cultural heritage and I think it is so fantastic when people can speak more than one language, I wish I was that talented.

Many years ago while living in Japan I did manage to learn sufficient language skills to survive but many times I was miss understood, like the day when I tried to buy nappies for my 2 year old and the shop assist sold me incontinence pants for adults. Of course I did not realise this until I got home and went to change my sons nappy and the new pants went right up to his armpits. We laughed and laughed. Just as well that I had gaffa tape :)

Body language and hand gestures do help to convey meaning, "can I have a table for 4 people?" or "just 1 please", but as we know some innocent hand gestures in one country can have a different meaning in another. The Hebrew gesture for "wait a minute" means something else entirely in Italian, so don't forget where you are :)

There is one language however which I believe is universally understood, a language which can not actually be misunderstood, that is the language of flowers. Its' amazing right! How fantastic are flowers! 

When someone sends a message in the language of flowers it cannot be misinterpreted. Regardless of the occasion, be it happy or sad, be it for romance or for lost, flowers always say I'm thinking about you! Isn't that amazing! There are no mixed messages there!

Thinking about you is a florist that delivers to Joondalup and the northern suburbs of Perth, we speak the universal language of flowers.