A Florist's favourite flowers

florist favourite flowers

At recent family gathering for Christmas my sister quizzed me, "as a florist, which flower arrangements are your most popular? And which are your personal favourite to make?"

Off the top of my head around the family dinner table I had no idea about the first part of the question, however my personal favourite to make was a much easier to question to answer. The Contemporary Arrangement in White & Green is definitely my favourite arrangement to make. I just love its simplicity and elegance, it has certainly been popular but it is relatively new so it will not be my highest seller.

When I got home I was able to review my orders for 2017 and I found out my top selling arrangement was Seasonal Arrangement Hessian Bag, which is cute because it presents the best in season flowers in a hipster hessian.

Other observations from the data gave insight to the year that was, red roses were the most popular flower but of course they come in many different arrangements. Perhaps that is why I thought 2017 was a year of romance, well not necessarily for me but for those I delivered flowers to perhaps ;)

With Valentines day fast approaching there will be many more red roses very shortly. For Mothers Day the Oriental Lilies were a hit last year and perhaps will be again this year.

So there you have it, a Florist's favourite flowers in 2017.

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