In my thoughts, quality service is not just getting what you want or expect, but quality comes from the over and above, beyond expectation extras. As a small business owner it is how I set my services apart from my larger competitors, with personal service. We care about what we do, "thinking about you" is more than a business name or a catchy phrase, "thinking about you" is a message that you entrust us to deliver, so here are our promises to you. 
Quality and freshness,
- we manage our products and stock carefully to ensure our customers get maximum life from our florist goods and flower arrangements. We also provide guidance of what you can do to maximise the life of your flowers.
Value for money
- fantastic designs and quality materials go into every product, our goods will always represent great value without necessarily being the cheapest, our service will always be our distinctive. 
Personal service,
- we are your representative, treating every service delivery as is it were to our own personal friend or loved one.
- we keep you informed, we will provide you confirmation of delivery, not just take your money.
- we are dependable, we will never make a commitment that we will not strive to achieve and if we make a mistake we will correct it.

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