6 Perfect reasons to say I'm thinking about you!


After what seems to have been a long winter spring has sprung upon us. The selection of flowers available to us in Joondalup is hitting its peak and there is no better time to send flowers to say thinking about you. Love, romance, compassion, spring flowers melt away the winter blues and bring joy to the soul of those lucky enough to receive them. 

At "thinking about you" we pay close attention to the occasion that our customers are choosing to send flowers as a gift, here are the top 6 reasons or occasions to send flowers; (in no particular order)

1. The birth of a child. Oh the joy of new life. Bright fresh flowers join in the chorus of celebration, what a wonder life is!

2. Wanting to say thank you! Expressing your appreciation with flowers is a very appropriate gift for friends, family, for volunteers, for teachers, work colleagues, actually anyone.

3. Blossoming of love, or anniversaries of love. Is there anything more beautiful than to see a couple's love for each other grow? Flowers are a wonderful way to mark significant milestones of love like "6 weeks since I first laid eyes on you" or "48 hours before we see each other again"!

4. Sympathy, occasions of loss or grief. Sometimes there are no words. However it is amazing how much a bouquet of flowers will say. How important is it that we surround those we love in their darkest hour. 

5. Get well soon. Flowers are a tonic of joy for those who are unwell, the perfect pick me up for those drained physically or emotionally. Prescribe some today.

6. Celebrating a birthday. Sometimes it is hard to know what to get, not with flowers, everyone's a winner! There is no hidden message in flowers, there is no risk if they will be liked or not.

Thinking about you is a timeless message, appropriate for all occasions. Flowers are a timeless gift, suitable for all occasions. 

Visit our website or call us to help mark your occasion today.

As a florist in Joondalup I am always excited to do local business with local people, it builds our sense of community and relationship. I look forward to helping you express love to the people in your world be it in Joondalup or any of the northern suburbs of Perth.