"Wild" flowers

wild flowers.jpg

English is a funny language, I wrote a blog recently  "are you speaking my language" and in it I described my struggle learning Japanese, however my native tongue of english has many peculiarities that we don't even realise.

Recently in Millstream National Park on my much talked about road trip, I over heard a little boy asked his mother "What is so wild about these flowers? " "they don't look dangerous," I couldn't help but smile.

What is it about Australian wild flowers that capture the imagination? Is it the burst of colour in a seemingly dull and desolate landscape? Or the brilliance of life appearing in incomprehensible locations? The hearty-ness to survive and not only survive but to flourish? Perhaps it is all of these things. I think as humans we respect the struggle for life against the odds, barracking for the underdog. 

While I cannot use native wild flowers, in my new floral designs I am trying to capture a little bit of the "wild" in my bouquets and flower arrangements, increasing the contrast and to make a unique statement befitting the purpose of the occasion. Don't worry, the traditional flower designs will still be available, but if you are looking for something different, something fun and a little "wild" then we have something to talk about, mind you it will need to be in English. 😉

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New flower design.jpg

Image: One of my new designs