Celebrating the journey


Image: Sunset on Eighty Mile Beach

Recently my husband and I took a break from city life in Joondalup to take a quick road trip north to the Kimberley. Now I know for some of you a road trip will not high on your list of desirable holidays, but honestly is there any other way to truly see and experience the vastness and the beauty of Australia?

In a future blog I might describe the beautiful wild flowers, but today I want to describe the journey itself. I have also come to realise that a road trip is a metaphor of life! Wow, a little to deep? Let me explain my thinking.

Like life a road trip starts with dreams of a destination, you know there is something out there, you have heard about it from others and now you have determined that you want to experience it for yourself. Along the way, there are corrugations, bumps, turns and surprises, like a camel that wandered onto the middle of the road, a flat tyre or a blow out. But you persist with your dream, you take on fuel for the journey, and you learn to focus less on the destination and more on enjoying the ride. All of a sudden you realise that you are surrounded by beautiful sights, the many wonders of creation and you find some wonderful people along the way.

As a florist and fellow traveller on the road trip of life, I appreciate those people who take time to celebrate life, love and friendship. Too many times we are in such a rush to get to our destination we forget to enjoy the journey. Life is not perfect, mishaps will occur, however living and loving and travelling with your companions is the true joy in life.

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